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Culture Shock

Product Review (submitted on August 10, 2014):
This book about some of the most controversial social issues of our time is the best fair, balanced and loving analysis of the culture in which we currently find ourselves that I have ever read. It is so hard to speak about these issues without sounding judgmental (which authority only belongs to God). I heard of an incident a few years ago where a gay protester went into a conference dealing with ministries that help gays come out of this lifestyle. The protester went into the meeting specifically to disrupt but found such love that he accepted Christ. If we could all live and act in such a manner as Chip recommends in this book, we might be able to change the perception of those offended.

Chip outlines in very clear terms, the premises that must follow in order to justify the lifestyles which are in question. Chip give both the Biblical basis of Christians and the logic presented by those in these lifestyles. He then demonstrates by examples and research that the premises of the alternate lifestyle arguments are not supported by scientific literature and that the Christian views are valid according to Biblical references.

This book is a must read for those who want love those that we disagree with.

I was given a free audio version of this book for my agreement to review it but this has not influenced my personal impressions of the book.