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ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible

Product Review (submitted on October 6, 2014):
I have listened to the entire recording twice now (150 hours) on my iPad. In general, the quality of the reading and recording is quite good, but it is inconsistent. There are several audio dropouts where the speaker is all but inaudible. On multiple occasions the reading by Mr. Heath seems to have been re-recorded by another reader because the tonality and timbre of the voice is quite different.

On the one hand, I have no doubt that it is difficult to produce a 75 hour recording for which the sound quality is consistent throughout. Nor can I cannot recommend an audio Bible of superior recording quality, though I felt that the recording by Max McLean was more consistent. On the other hand, I have listened to quite a few audio book series, and have never heard any with as many consistency problems as the audio Bible. I definitely find the recording quality to be distracting and sub-par for an audio book, though I suppose it's possible that I simply have a bad copy.