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Complete NIV Audio Bible

Product Review (submitted on August 22, 2015):
I totally love this narration and this NIV version. This is a perfect narration, the personality of the Narrator does not impose itself on his reading. His accent is perfect, his intonation is live and real; it is poised and perfectly paced. I very much love David Suchet's narration. Furthermore, it is downloaded into 4 zipped folders (2 OT and 2 NT) each zipped folder contain chapters of Bible books which will play continuously. These chapters could easily be sorted out into Folders of Bible Books to organize them and make them easier to search.

Over the years I had purchased many audio Bibles from other popular narrators. But none of them were satisfactory to me. They were always either too fast; personalities were imposed into the narration or the accent was too strong to be properly understood.

I highly recommend this Audio Bible with David Suchet as Narrator. It definitely makes the Word of God much more significant.