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The Argument-Free Marriage

Product Review (submitted on December 20, 2015):
In this book Fawn Weaver does a great job presenting her ideas for creating an argument free marriage. However, this book isn't a Christian book and shouldn't be sold as one. I made it 3/4 the way through the book before I had to throw in the towel. All throughout the book is references to Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O'donnell, both of which I do not believe are good role models for Christians to follow.

Additionally, Fawn Weaver claims that she and her husband have never had an argument in their 10 years of marriage. The key to this is explained later on when she confesses that she doesn’t define what an “argument” is the same way as most people do. The book is riddled full of stories of the past arguments her and her husband have had, and then she still assures the readers that she hasn’t ever had an argument with her husband.

Finally, after waiting countless chapters for her to bring God into this book, she does towards the end. She mentions to readers that another great tactic to eliminate arguments is to tell their significant other to pray about their differentiating opinions. I started to finally believe this book was worth the purchase, until she then explained that this tactic would work for Buddhists, Hindus, or those of any faith…. Taking this approach on prayer isn’t actually inviting God into the equation to help out, rather it is a naturalistic approach to call “time out.”