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Teach Us to Want

Product Review (submitted on April 13, 2016):
This book really didn't agree with me. It started off talking about how the girl was raised Christian, became delinquent, then found God at 16 and stopped having sex with her boyfriend. For a Christian mom of a two year old girl, that was a depressing start, but I was eager to see what turned her away and what brought her back. That became hope deferred (and actually never fulfilled) as the author jumped around from negative moment to negative moment. Her dad died, something bad happened with her brother, but most bothersome of all, she became pregnant with twins. All this in no particular order. This was not a biography but a list of scattered moments that create negative feelings.

I was hoping that this book would serve as a guide for judging my desires against God's; for discerning my own will from his. This is what the title led me to believe I'd be getting into. Instead it was like a random personal journal of complaints about how the author's desires haven't been fulfilled. She complained about how she had to make time for writing with having too many kids and about how her husband and herself had to support each other through their own desires. She said in the book that someone called her "no Susie Sunshine". I'd certainly agree with that. If there were some good points in this book, I missed them.