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Product Review (submitted on April 15, 2016):
This might be the first review I have ever posted. This book is phenomenal, inspirational, and enlightening. It has made me begin to think differently about Christianity and especially biblical word view. I think this book is for everyone but especially anyone who struggles with their faith and has many questions.
I have experienced the highs and lows in my faith that Lacre speaks of but I have let it lead me to a place where I believe in “a” God but have been losing my faith in "The God". Again, this book has me rethinking and reconsidering my struggles. Not that I do not still have the questions and want answers (but not really looking for them) but that it is OK that I have these questions and struggles.
Lacrea's message to me was that you keep pushing, keep pursuing. You won’t be perfect so stop trying to be. Start trying to please God in everything you do and when you fall, GET BACK UP. We will fall and that’s ok. As mentioned in his book, and we all know, David was a man after God’s own heart and yet he fell many times so why should I feel like I am not allowed to or going. GET BACK UP