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Living in the Light

Product Review (submitted on May 24, 2016):
I’ve always found John Piper to be a delight to read. For some reason I really enjoy his shorter titles, perhaps because they get right to the point and still maintain a good balance of doctrine and application. His recent title Living in the Light: Money, Sex, and Power comes in at 144 pages, which lands it in that short and sweet category.

One thing I appreciate about Piper is that no matter how many books of his I read, new titles always feel fresh and new. By now he could easily repackage his older works, slap a new title on them, and they’d sell like crazy. But Piper is a deep thinker. Every time I pick up a new book he’s written, I encounter fresh thoughts on the subject. That’s not to say that Piper waffles on issues. He’s every bit as committed to the authority of God’s word, the sovereignty of God, and the chief end of man being glorifying God by enjoying him forever as he was decades ago when he wrote Desiring God. Piper just keeps thinking about these things, finding new ways to appreciate their beauty and applying them to our ever-changing world.

Here he looks at what the Bible says about money, sex, and power. He affirms the goodness of all three and he reflects on how we can use them to express our devotion to God and to serve him faithfully. He also identifies how each of these can trip us up, shifting our focus from God to our own sinful machinations, like seeking to satisfy our pride, satisfaction, security, and other desires that seek to dethrone God from our hearts. I love how practical and pastoral he is, such as when he looks at how online shopping and waiting for packages in the mail can become an idol.

This is another solid title from Piper, and if you’re on the fence about getting it, check out the free PDF available on the Desiring God website.

I received this title from christianaudio for the purpose of providing this review.