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Living in the Light

Product Review (submitted on June 28, 2016):
This is perhaps the most readable and certainly among the most helpful and immediately practical of any book John Piper has written. Money, sex, and power are three things that can be most used for sin, but they are also (or maybe "because") they are three of God's greatest gifts. I know that many people have had difficulty reading Piper. This is a common complaint from those at our church. I think that if this is you, you will be pleasantly surprised by this book. And for those (like me) who are well acquainted with his writing and way of thinking, you will still find this book helpful.

How we relate to money, sex, and power says much about what we think about God. And the only way to relate rightly to Money, sex, and power is to have God at the "center of the solar system" of all of God's good gifts, especially money, sex, and power. These exist to display the superiority of God and make manifest His glory, his weightiness by keeping all these lesser glories in their proper orbit around and subservient to Him. God did not invent money, sex, and power in order to tempt us. These are not results of the fall. But they are good gifts that exist for the good of His children and for the magnification of His glory.

This book is intensely theological while simultaneously incredibly and immediately practical. New believer and old, seasoned saint alike will find plenty of encouragement, admonishment, and challenges here. It is an easy read (stylistically), but I found it to be difficult. For me, I found sin exposed that I was not previously aware of, but the power and hope for change was paired close by.

This is not a book you will want to read casually. Rather, prayerfully set aside time and prepare for a read that will likely not leave you unchanged.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.