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Product Review (submitted on August 18, 2016):
We listened to this with our children (10, 12 & 14) on our car journey on holiday through France. It's racy. Lacrae doesn't hold back on the details of his pre-Christian struggle (or rather non struggle) with sin. I'm glad that we were there to talk to the kids about it afterwards. They're growing up in London and so they know about sex, drugs and so on. But even though we've been pretty open about these things my wife and I were ill prepared for the eye opening details of Lecrae's life. But it's God honouring and he's honest about how the Lord brought him to faith. I don't regret allowing the kids to hear it but if I'd known beforehand then I might have not allowed our 10 year old to have anny 'interest' awakened. However, he still think sthe whole thing is 'disgusting' rather than 'fascinating'.
The last third of the book appears to be written for an American Christian audience who have been uncomfortable with Lacrae entering the secular music scene. That's the least interesting part of the book, in my view.
I'd recommend this for teenagers familiar with the secular world. But as a Dad I'd want to talk to my sons alongside it.