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Sexual Detox

A Guide for Guys Who are Sick of Porn

Author Tim Challies
Narrator Tim Challies
Runtime 1.7 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Cruciform Press
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Release Date October 9, 2010
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It isn't easy being a guy today. Maybe it never has been easy, but today the challenges to guys who want to be holy, who want to honor God with their minds and bodies, seem tougher than ever. You live at a time and in a culture that seems given over to sex.
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"In an age when sex is worshiped as a god, a little book like this can go a long way to helping men overcome sexual addiction."
- Pastor Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Church

It isn't easy being a guy today. Maybe it never has been easy, but today the challenges to guys who want to be holy, who want to honor God with their minds and bodies, seem tougher than ever. You live at a time and in a culture that seems given over to sex.

It is all around you and you can hardly avoid its lure. Everywhere you go today you are faced with temptations and, if you are like most young men, have begun to give in to them. Perhaps you have only just begun looking at pornography or perhaps you've been doing so for many years. Perhaps you are struggling with masturbation, not really wanting to indulge yourself but finding that it's a whole lot tougher to quit than you would have thought. Perhaps you are finding that, more than ever, sex is filling your mind and impacting your heart.

This booklet is intended specifically for young men-those who are not yet married but who hope to be married in the future. Maybe you are still single or maybe you have found the woman of your dreams and are close to settling down and building a life with her. Maybe she still seems a long way off. No matter your situation, I want to use this short guide to help you discover God's plan for sex and sexuality.

I want to help you track down the lies you have believed about sex and I want to help you replace them with truth that comes straight from God, the one who created sex for us.

"Online pornography is not just a problem for Christian men; it is THE problem. Many men, young and old, in our churches need Sexual Detox. Challies offers practical, doable and, above all, gospel-centered hope for men. I want every man I serve and all the guys on our staff to read this book."
-Tedd Tripp, Pastor, and author of Shepherding a Child's Heart<

"Tim Challies strikes just the right balance in this necessary work. His assessment of the sexual epidemic in our culture is sober but not without hope. His advice is practical but avoids a checklist mentality. His discussion of sexual sin is frank without being inappropriate. This book will be a valuable resource."
-Kevin DeYoung, Pastor and author

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Excellent Resource
I found the audio book to be well done and extremely conversational in tone which is tough to do when discussing something as taboo as pornography and sexual immorality. The one concern I had was the speed in which Tim read the questions at the end of each chapter. I would have liked a bit more of a pause to be able to reflect somewhat on the questions being asked. Regardless, I found the audio book to be well done and enjoyable to listen to–especially while driving or jogging.

If you are going to purchase one book on sexual immorality to give to a young man, I would recommend giving them Sexual Detox. It is short and will keep the reader’s attention. The message is biblically saturated while offering keen insight into the way in which we are to combat the sexual immorality, specifically, pornography, today. I pray more men will read this book and get serious about killing the snake that is pornography.
Review by / (Posted on 1/16/2011)
Good Book - Highly recommend
I finished listening to Christian Audio's release of Sexual Detox by Tim Challies a couple of weeks ago, so I would like to take a moment to recommend this book to everyone that comes by.

The subtitle to the book is "A Guide for Guys Who Are Sick of Porn". So one might think that this book will only be beneficial to someone who is or has struggled with porn, but I want to recommend it, not just to those guys, but like I said, to everyone who comes by this review. I really believe that this book would also be beneficial to the wives, friends, parents, pastors, etc. of those who have struggled. I say this for two reasons: One, this book offers a very accurate view of one who is struggling with porn and everything else that might go along with it. Two, the "detox" part is also a detoxification of all of the sexual philosophies that are taught in the media today, the scope of which includes much more than porn.

In the book Tim Challies does an excellent job of reorienting the reader to a Biblical view of sex. God created sex. It was His idea! He has also given restrictions and guidelines, but these are for our good and ultimately for our highest enjoyment of sex! (I never thought I would type that phrase in a book review...)

This book was read by the author, which I always feel adds an extra element to the reading of the book. I love audio books, mostly because it gives me something valuable and useful to do during my morning commute, but I really love it when the author read the book. It makes it feel more like someone is sitting there with you, sharing something that God has laid on their heart.
Review by / (Posted on 12/12/2010)
Excellent content, unfortunate narration
In Sexual Detox: A Guide for Guys Who are Sick of Porn, author and blogger Tim Challies addresses young, single men in an effort to help them discover God’s plan for sex and sexuality. He is writing to those who have grown up in a sex-saturated culture where pornography is far more accessible than it was as recently as when the 33-year-old author was growing up. Temptation is all around us and most of us have, he says, begun to give in.

Challies begins by discussing the problems that pornography causes in marriages, arguing that detoxification is necessary in order for a man to be the loving husband that God has called him to be. He then discusses the topic of breaking free from sexual sin, specifically pornography and masturbation, and addresses the most common myth about breaking free. Next, he delves into the “theology of sex” and how “self-centered sex” fails this theology. Finally, he digs into what detoxification involves and what freedom means. Each chapter ends with questions aimed at getting the reader/listener thinking about how the chapter applies in his own life.

I was impressed by this book. The author avoids being crude, a practice that is common in books on this topic, while being perfectly frank. Often books on the topic of lust are too explicit, painting pictures in a guy’s mind that do more harm than good, but he does an excellent job staying away from such talk. He also avoids giving lists of dos and don’ts, focusing more on the heart than on specific acts, which is good. Another refreshing aspect of the book is the focus on the theology of sex and how pornography and masturbation are in direct opposition to God’s plan for sex and sexuality. This ensures a proper biblical approach to breaking free.

I think that this is an excellent book for pastors to keep on hand and would recommend it to any man who is struggling in this area. It is easy to read, clear and concise, and covers both why detox is necessary and how to accomplish it.

Since I listened to the audiobook, a comment or two about the audio quality is in order. I found the recording quality to be excellent, but the narration left a lot to be desired. The book was read by the author, which I often like, but in this case I found disappointing. Challies could probably have delivered a moving talk on the topic had he not been tasked with reading the exact verbiage of the printed book, but because he was, the delivery was stiff and lacking emotion and sincerity. Narrating an audiobook must be extremely difficult and I applaud him for doing it, but the audiobook would have been greatly improved had a professional reader been hired.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this audiobook free from the christianaudio Reviewers Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
Review by / (Posted on 11/23/2010)
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