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Shipped CD Bundles

Every year we end up with overstock CD audiobooks and like to pass the savings on to you. Save up to 90% off and get free shipping on these LIMITED bundles.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will these ship?
We will ship them within 30 days of your order and you should receive them within 15 business days after they ship. These will ship USPS media mail.
What is the shipping cost?
Shipping is free. There is no additional cost.
Can I buy multiple?
Sure, buy as many as you would like.
Can I buy all of them?
Sure, this would give you a nice library of audiobooks.
Is there a catch?
No catch, every year we end up with overstock CD audiobooks. We like to pass the savings onto you.
Can I send one as a gift?
You can, but not through us. You would have to ship the bundle to yourself and distribute as you see fit.
Can I return it if I don't like it?
Unfortunately no, as we are selling these at such discounted price. If you encounter any defects you can reach out to our customer service for assistance.
Can I pick and choose what audiobooks are in my bundle?
Unfortunately no, these are pre-set bundles.
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