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The Awakening of Hope

Why We Practice a Common Faith

Author Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
Narrator Maurice England
Runtime 4.9 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Zondervan
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Release Date August 13, 2012
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For those who care more about what faith does than about what it tells us to believe, The Awakening of Hope by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove is for you. Why do Christians eat together? Why fast? Why would we rather die than kill? Awakening of Hope reveals the practices that will help you embrace life the way Jesus intended.

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According to Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, faithful action is always inspired and sustained by common convictions—the basic truths that have sustained God’s people throughout every generation.

The Awakening of Hope re-presents Christian faith by beginning with stories of faithful witness and asking, Why? Why do Christians eat together? Why do we fast? Why would we rather die than kill? These are the questions that help us see why creation and the fall, covenant and community, ethics and evangelism matter.

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I found this book to be very compelling. So compelling, in fact, that I preached a message series on some of the topics found in this book in order to push our church to pursue community more.

This was one of the first books to really get me to think of the importance of topics like:

Why we eat together
Why we make promises
Why it matters where we live
Why we live together

These are the names of a few of the chapters in the book. And if you find those topics to be important to the church, I think you'll like this book.
Review by / (Posted on 3/4/2016)