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The Dad in the Mirror

How to See Your Heart for God Reflected in Your Children

Series The Man in the Mirror Library
Author Patrick Morley & David Delk
Narrator TBD
Runtime 6.6 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Zondervan
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Release Date August 8, 2011
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An encouraging and thought-provoking book, winner of the Silver Medallion Book Award, that gives ten ideas about how a father can make the biggest, most lasting, and most important contributions to his children’s lives.

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A blueprint for men who want to instill their love for God in the hearts of their children.
Who is that guy in the mirror? To your son or daughter, he’s “Dad”—the most important man in the world. Men’s leaders, speakers, and authors Patrick Morley and David Delk share with you the secrets of grace-filled dads who understand that their most important work is to help shape the attitudes and beliefs of the next generation.
This book shows you how to father from your heart to your child’s heart. Rather than only seeking the right performance from them, you can move into a dynamic relationship with your children that models what it means to love God and others truly and passionately. Start by asking the right question—not “What is my child doing?” but “Why is my child doing this?” Practical guidelines show you simple ways to help your children thrive, to build a firm foundation of faith for your family, and to empower your children by giving them both roots and wings.
Currently, only sixty percent of children raised in church follow Jesus as adults. Will your son or daughter be one of them? We believe God will use this book to help you disciple your children to love God for a lifetime.