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The Fear of the Lord

Discover the Key to Intimately Knowing God

Author John Bevere
Narrator Lloyd James
Runtime 6 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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Release Date January 18, 2011
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John Bevere challenges believers to reverence God anew in their worship, prayers, and daily living.

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Many Christians have never understood the fear of the Lord, which builds passion and intimacy into their relationship with god and makes their lives real and pure. In this rerelease of his book, John Bevere dispels the false understanding of god. Understanding why and how to fear god is the beginning of knowing Him as He yearns to be known. In his lovingly confrontational style, Bevere challenges believers to reverence God anew in their worship, prayers, and daily living. This book will inform and encourage believers to intimately know god like never before.

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need to hear for all
One of the best things I' ve heard.
Will provide you very deep insight about "fear of God".
I have realized, that it's one of the key points to Christian walk with God.

It greatly renewed my life and give me strength to fight the sin in my life + renewed love for my God.
Review by / (Posted on 3/6/2016)
conjecture, poor exegesis, bad teaching
Scripture is very clear regarding the fear of the Lord. John Bevere, however, has muddied it up by taking a topic and twisting it to fit a particular agenda. His blatant misuse of scripture is appalling. While he pats himself on the back claiming encouragement and confirmation directly from God, he uses scripture in a very loose way and with extremely poor exegetical application. Quite often he uses scriptures that refer to unbelievers and applies them directly to believers, which makes it seem that his point is sound but is actually teaching of the worst kind. He will also search out different translations in order to conjure up a point he wants to make, changing the meanings of words to fit into his concept. The worst offense: the session about Ananias and Sapphira was blatant over-the-top conjecture, minimized the atonement, and absolutely broke the boundaries of covenant.

My review would not have any stars, but I was not permitted to eliminate the star from this review. Pass on this errant filled, pseudo-spiritual, self-promoting drivel. For those who have seen it and liked it, I would recommend some time spent on good biblical word study using well affirmed and good quality commentaries as opposed to this hyper-spiritual mess.

Bottom-line: John Bevere misuses scripture to make his main point: that the church has to get it's act together and display a proper fear of the Lord so that God can move mightily in our age (the whole highly disputed "latter rain" doctrine). Hogwash. If God is depending on human beings to do anything before He moves we are all in a great deal of trouble!
Review by / (Posted on 7/17/2013)