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The Life of David Brainerd

Author Jonathan Edwards
Narrator Nick Cordileone
Runtime 10 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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Release Date May 13, 2004
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This book offers not only a captivating story, but an uplifting buoy for those who are weary, distant, or discouraged. It is an encouragement to all Christians to remain true to their calling through joyful times and discouragement.

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Brainerd's spirit was on fire for God, on fire for souls. Nothing earthly, worldly, selfish came in to abate in the least the intensity of this all-impelling and all-consuming force and flame.
— Edward M. Bounds, Power Through Prayer

Though he was orphaned at age fourteen, repeatedly struck with debilitating illnesses, and unfairly expelled from college, Brainerd allowed nothing to deter him from serving God wholeheartedly. He traveled thousands of miles by horseback across treacherous terrain to preach the gospel to remote Indians. His calling required a rugged man—he even slept outside in the cold without cover—yet he constantly displayed a gentle and meek love for people entirely different from himself. Their benefit ultimately brought about his early death at the age of twenty-nine. Like an invigorating shower, the listener will be rejuvenated by Brainerd’s life-giving devotional insights, refreshing clarity of purpose, and heartwarming preaching. This book offers not only a captivating story, but an uplifting buoy for those who are weary, distant, or discouraged.

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boring and repetitious but edifying
This book is highly recommended by John Piper, which is why I read it. Piper's 1.4 hour lecture on the life of Brainerd is excellent and made me want to read this.
This book is not really a bio, but excerpts from Brainerd's diary. Brainerd did not want his diary published but then gave Edwards the right to use his own judgment on what to publish. I don't think the diary was worth publishing, but it must be worth a lot since Piper got a lot out of it.
Edwards' comments on the Brainerd's life, mostly at the end, are the most boring part of the whole book, pouring on praise after praise for a long time. The 2nd most boring part was Brainerd's death which dragged on and on.
The best part of the book was the life transformation stories of various Indians and a true view of what Indian culture was like - it was not noble as portrayed today.
It is good to read for the history of a servant of the Lord who suffered so much for the gospel.
Review by / (Posted on 9/16/2021)
David Brainerd was a man dependent on God who struggled with depression as he sought to bring the gospel of the grace of God to the native American Indians. Powerful!
Review by / (Posted on 12/9/2013)
Very great reading. And a truly inspiring journal.

Review by / (Posted on 7/11/2012)
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