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The Republic

Author Plato
Narrator Bruce Alexander
Runtime 5 Hrs. - Abridged
Publisher Naxos Audiobooks
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Release Date August 15, 2004
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Among the most important works of philosophy ever written. Of value to all who read it.
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One of the key works of world philosophy, Plato's Republic sets out to consider the principles behind an ideal city state.

This is the first audio recording of Plato's great classic in a new translation by the Greek scholar Tom Griffith.

No sooner than Bruce Alexander had left the studio having recorded Thomas Hardy, he was back at his Oxfordshire home studying hard for the next Naxos AudioBooks project:  Plato's The Republic. 'There couldn't have been a greater contrast - the deeply emotional Hardy, and the rationalist character of Socrates,' admitted Bruce Alexander. And both are about as far away possible from the character for which he is probably best known, Superintendent Mullett in the British TV series A Touch of Frost. 'That is what being an actor is all about,' declared Alexander. 'The worst thing for us is when are typecast, which can happen so easily.' Fortunately, this happens less in the audiobook/radio medium than on or film where visual concerns can be paramount.'

The recording of The Republic uses the new translation by Tom Griffith, who prepared it for Cambridge University Press. It will be released by CUP in the near future, but is 'previewed' by this abridgement made by the translator himself. 'I started translating because I found that when I was teaching, and read from existing translations, I could see the interest fade from my pupils' eyes, explained Griffith. 'But I know this can capture the imagination and thoughts of young people, and so I started translating passages in language which was as contemporary as the original would have been in the 5th century BC.' The Republic is one of a number of translations he has now included - among others is Symposium.