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When Life Isn't Perfect

Author Various
Narrator Timothy J. Keller & John Ortberg
Runtime 1.75 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Oasis Audio
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Release Date June 1, 2011
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4 sermons in 1 audio!
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4 sermons in 1 audio!

The Christian's Happiness by Timothy J. Keller
- Your bad things turn out for good, your good things can never be lost, and the best things are yet to come.

Fourth Man in the Furnace by John Ortberg
- Christ meets us in our worst trials.

Loss, Loyalty, and Lament by Mark Mitchell
- In the midst of our loss, God is still at work, and his ultimate aim is to bless.

God In Our Sorrow by Mark Buchanan
- God meets us in the whole range of our human experience.