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Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World

Author C.J. Mahaney
Narrator Sean Runnette
Runtime 5 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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Release Date January 19, 2011
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This resource uncovers the subtle presence of worldliness in our hearts and helps believers learn to relate to the world while resisting its influence.

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This resource uncovers the subtle presence of worldliness in our hearts and helps believers learn to relate to the world while resisting its influence.

People today are saturated in technology and abundance. Most of us have access to endless luxuries: clothes to wear, cars to buy, vacations to take, entertainment to enjoy. Yet this world, which offers so many pleasures, is actively opposed to God and the truth of His Word. How, then, is the Christian to relate to the world in which we live?

In Worldliness, C. J. Mahaney and fellow pastors wisely lead us to see the often subtle presence of worldliness in our hearts-the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions (1 John 2:16).

Looking at the areas of media, music, modesty, and material possessions in particular, Worldliness explores how Christians are to live lives worthy of the gospel and engage a fallen world, without being conformed and ultimately seduced by the system of this world.

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Fine Little Book
While the Bible charges us not to love the world or the things in the world, our culture and our flesh often tempts us to love the world, even if just a little. In Worldliness, CJ Mahaney and friends look at multiple categories of ways for us to battle the pull of the world in our Christian lives.

This book is short, sweet, and to-the-point. It is certainly not guilty of empty and meaningless repetition as so many larger works can be. The combination of multiple authors addressing separate issues is refreshing. It is simply nice to read different voices as different issues arise. The authors do a nice job of helping readers think more clearly and biblically about issues like music, dress, possessions, etc.; and they do so without driving the reader into a legalistic framework of “do this” and “never do that.”

I would recommend this work with no major reservations. IT would make a fine tool for a small group Bible study or Sunday School class. The short chapters and different authors should help students of most ages remain engaged.

** For this review, I listened to the audio version which I received for free from Christian Audio. As usual, this book was read well and clearly.
Review by / (Posted on 5/17/2011)
I just finished the audio book, Worldliness by C.J. Mahaney with contributing authors: John Piper (Foreword), Dave Harvey, Bob Kauflin, Jeff Purswell, and Craig Cabaniss.

The book begins with a challenging first chapter by Mahaney, wondering if the verse, I John 2:15, which says, "Do not love the world or anything in the world." is in Your Bible. Is it? What does this verse mean? This is the basic premise of the book, God's call to be in the world, but not love the world or anything in the world.

The following chapters deal with different areas of life and how to incorporate this command in a real way. Chapter two deals with the media. Chapter three focuses on music. Chapter four challenges the place of stuff in our hearts. Chapter five discusses clothing. The final chapter of the book really brings it together with a discussion on how to love the world.

As a whole, I found this book to be especially convicting. The questions that were being asked in each section probed deep into my daily practices to reveal different areas where the love of the world could be creeping in or has already built a lodge within my heart.

I also found this book to be exceptionally practical. There were real, tangible ways to put the supported principles into practice. And amazingly, the book didn't degrade into a legalistic mess. Many times when authors attempt to illustrate principles they tend to be legalistic in their approach. These authors were able to avoid that trap, and I believe that it is because of their great love for the gospel message that infiltrated every page.

I highly recommend this book... unless of course you aren't interested in being challenged and possibly convicted.

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Review by / (Posted on 5/9/2011)
C. J. Mahaney is relentless in his attack on the heart. Underneath all of our sinful actions is a heart that desires doing wrong more than doing what is right. I keep on hoping that C. J. will just give me a bunch of rules that I can keep, because it is always easier to conform to rules than to have a transformed heart. The way he structures each chapter shows where his focus is. “My Heart, and Media…My Heart and Stuff.” What does my music say about what my heart treasures? Does my music actually cause me to enjoy God? Finally, this book concludes with how to properly love the world. It is important that the book ends with an appeal to loving and enjoying all the goodness that God has given us. I highly recommend this book. Thank you Christianaudio reviewers program!
Review by / (Posted on 5/5/2011)
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