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Your Time-Starved Marriage

How to Stay Connected at the Speed of Life

Author Les and Leslie Parrott
Narrator Les and Leslie Parrott
Runtime 4 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Zondervan
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Release Date November 23, 2010
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Feeling overscheduled and underconnected? Les and Leslie Parrott help couples make every moment together count. Practical, accessible, and easy to use, Your Time-Starved Marriage shows you how to create a more vibrant and intimate relationship by identifying and maximizing the combination of your two unique time styles.
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This is not a book about being more productive—it’s a book about being more connected as a couple. In Your Time-Starved Marriage, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott show you how you can create a more fulfilling relationship with time—and with each other. The moments you miss together are gone forever. Irreplaceable. And yet, until now, there has not been a single book for couples on how to better manage and reclaim this priceless resource. The Parrotts show you how to take back the time you’ve been missing together—and maximize the moments you already have. Your Time-Starved Marriage shows you how to: •relate to time in a new way as a couple •understand the two lies every time-starved couple so easily believes •slay the “busyness” giant that threatens your relationship •integrate your time-style with a step-by-step approach that helps you make more time together •stop the “time bandits” that steal your time •maximize mealtime, money time, and leisure time •reclaim all the free time you’ve been throwing away. Learn to manage your time together more than it manages you. Dramatically improve your ability to reclaim the moments you’ve been missing. Your Time-Starved Marriage gives you tools to feed your time-starved relationship, maximizing the moments you have together and enjoying them more.

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great teaching on christian marriage
I founded this book to be like a fresh water for my marriage... I do have to say it's not the first book on marriage I read/ listen to. I can say its a must for anyone who cares about his/ her family.
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